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Dr. Mona Douglas

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SWofford1 webSam Wofford, Lafayette

“Dr. Mona Douglas has been a great benefit by helping me to extend my driving privileges for the last three years. My bi-optic telescopic lenses have allowed me to continue my quality of work in my office, driving to appointments, and enjoying my many hobbies at home. This would not have been possible without Dr. Douglas’ professional intellect and caring. I look forward to Dr. Douglas’ support with my vision needs for many years to come. She has been a true Godsend.”

R Chambliss Rickie Chambliss, West Monroe

“I am truly blessed to have discovered Dr. Mona Douglas and telescopic glasses. I have been a diabetic for 55 years and my eyesight has been my biggest obstacle, having many eye surgeries. It feels great to be able to continue to drive, as this has been an area of concern for me. I did not want to depend on others for my transportation. I can now read with much more ease and watch TV at a distance.Thank you, Dr. Mona for making my life a little easier in this world.”

D Smith webDiane Smith, Shreveport

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your services, but more importantly your genuine interest and professionalism. It’s truly been a pleasure and I appreciate the time and energy you invested in ensuring I made a well-informed choice of visual equipment. The bioptic telescopic glasses you fitted me for have allowed me to continue driving for three years now and I’m about to start on my fourth. Autonomy is such a beautiful word! Again, I cannot thank you enough.”

dorathyDorothy Lindsey, Natchitoches

“I could not do anything with my reading or writing without my telescopic glasses. They are very special to me. If someone has a problem with their vision they should do everything they can to get some telescopic glasses to help them.”